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The StreamS HiFi HTML5 MSE CMAF fMP4 HLS Audio Player is a fully IETF/ISO Compliant HLS Audio Player.
It represents the most current standards-based HLS technology.
This is the ONLY True Standard for Audio-Only Streaming.
It allows reaching more feature-rich platforms and devices reliably to increase audience share.
There is nothing proprietary here.
This Player supports Live and File HLS Segmented Audio streams served from standard web servers or cloud storage.

The Player REQUIRES StreamS HLSdirect™ Encoder sources, and is compatible with all modern browsers that support HTML5 MSE.
It is optimized for modern HLS audio, and is very lightweight.
The Player supports ISO BMFF fMP4 segments, using AAC-LC, AAC-HEv1, AAC-HEv2, xHE-AAC™/USAC, ALAC Lossless, and FLAC Lossless Codecs.
Stereo 2.0 and Surround 5.1/7.1 modes are supported.
Standards-based, in-band, synchronous, extensible ISO emsg ID3v2.4 UTF-8 metadata for now playing text and graphics are displayed realtime in the player.
Stream Name, Description, Artist, Title, Album, Year, News Headlines, Weather, and Sports Scores are all possibilities.
Non-displayed metadata can be used for precision control and content ad insertion.
The Player will automatically recover from network interuptions.

The Player layout and appearance is defined by HTML and CSS.

HTML5 MSE HLS players provide extended buffering and playback control for the HTML5 audio and video elements.
They offer higher performance than simple HTML 5 audio element players and allow for segmented media files, dramatically increasing stream reliability and reducing buffering problems.
It also allows, realtime, synchronous metadata for now playing and content control.
Most video streaming services are now already using relialbe HLS segmented streaming.
Now HLS is available for audio streaming.
The limitations of ICY streaming are finally behind us, and specialized streaming servers are no longer needed.

The StreamS HiFi HTML5 MSE Player is designed to give your audience an easy, reliable, quality listening experience.
Press Play and Appreciate Sonic Perfection!

Note that audio codec support is limited to those supported by the browser and operating system used.
It is important to use the most current version of browser and operating system for best compatibility.

Development of this Player is ongoing.
Additional features will be added.
Custom implementations are available.

The StreamS HiFi HTML5 MSE CMAF fMP4 HLS Audio Player is designed for use with StreamS HLSdirect™ Live Encoder sourced streams.

StreamS HLSdirect™ Encoder

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